Next Gen Mobile Security
Mobile threats are continuing to evolve and your devices face an increasing risk of being compromised. Our proactive multi-level security goes beyond traditional EMM to detect zero-day threats and enable automatic policy based remediation. We also identify risk exposures from data leaks and anomalous user activity.
Time to take control
In the post BlackBerry era feature-rich devices use much more data than they need to, consuming apps and video over 4G, and accessing content not optimized for mobile. Companies are paying for these rising costs of mobility and frequent travel is driving expenses higher still. Wandera gives control back to the enterprise, cutting data and costs through compression and intelligent policy controls.
Unlock the Data Black Box
Learn from actionable real-time insights into mobile usage. By understanding how your employees use mobile data, and across which applications and websites, you can get the best out of your enterprise mobile investment.
Prevents Mobile Attacks
Mobile Landscape
Mobile usage is maturing and so are the types of threats your company data is exposed to. These range from the evolving universe of malware attacks designed to compromise mobile devices, to growing vulnerabilities, data leaks and user activity that significantly increase the risk of data loss.
Multi-Level Approach
Today's mobile threats use multiple attack vectors and so Wandera utilize a pioneering multi-level
approach that operates simultaneously on the device and in the cloud.
Wandera's Secure Mobile Gateway combines constant device monitoring with real-time scanning of the data stream as it passes through our in-line cloud proxy. This provides a unique and granular view into mobile activity beyond EMM, with more powerful real-time security monitoring.