Parashare File Services

ParaShare File Services enables cloud providers to offer on-premises hosted secure file sharing and synchronization services, delivering business data to any end-user device.

Integration with Parallels Automation allows cloud providers to deploy a complete private-labeled solution within hours. ParaShare File Services is a unique platform used by hosting providers to help SMBs with a true cloud transition.


Customer's personal and business data is securely stored in a Trusted Cloud Service Provider's data center


Data can be accessed in a controlled manner by authorized roles and entities from any geographical location


Data is always up-to-date and synchronized across different devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets


Share files and folders securely, permissions based, in the organisation and collaborate with external organisations
ParaShare Platform is deployed on providers' premises. It does not require proprietary hardware and os suitable for deployment on on any existing virtualization platform. It works with both shared and local storage. ParaShare configured to work with local datastore uses a built-in replication functionality, synchronizing data between.
ParaShare is a scalable platform built for growth. Hosting providers can add more servers with different roles, such as WebAccess, DataSync, Database etc., as necessary